Simple Tone Linkup with Fierce on "Imizwa" New Song

Simple Tone Linkup with Fierce on

Simple Tone's insane production skills are on full display in this vicious single "Imizwa," which features Fierce, Za'nes and Legendary Crisp. Many of you have only seen him in his curating capacities, but trust me when I say that.

I am one among the individuals that continue to have the belief that the Simple Fridays series being released by Simple Tone is among the most influential mixtapes in the Amapiano scene.

The ease with which he transitions between vocal and instrumental performances is something that has to be investigated. Now, we are being blessed with a single track that has been sought for on his recent mixes, and it is named "Imizwa."

Although his mixes are typically filled with productions from other figures, he typically includes his own productions in his mixes.

The song "Imizwa" is a vocal track that embodies Simple Tone's inherent desire to make it possible for us to experience our inner feelings while at the same time protecting us from being vulnerable.

I believe that we would love to hear more singles from Simple Tone rather than mixes because this one truly does bang good. This offering will be Simple Tone's second release for the year, and it will feature Za'nes and Legendary Crisp.

We can anticipate that this multitalented producer and deejay will continue to lead the pack with an unafraid and holistic approach to everything that pertains to Amapiano as we move deeper into the year 2024.

The producer has stated that he would uncover other heaters from his corners as time goes on, so this is only the beginning of an exciting journey.

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