F3 Dipapa Releases Second EP titled "F3 Dipapa"

F3 Dipapa Releases Second EP titled

F3 Dipapa is no longer a member of Mr. JazziQ's Black is Brown recordings, in case you were unaware of this new development.

He is now the proprietor of his own independent label, and he is currently working to entice Amapiano listeners to discover what the newly established company has to offer by releasing this potent extended play (EP) that bears his name.

During the delivery of the Stater EP in 2022, we were able to witness the raw range of F3 Dipapa. The extended play (EP) consisted of six tracks and had a number of impressive tracks, such as "Nyash" with Djy Biza and Soul Revolver and "Go Monate" featuring Kay Invictus and Lemaza.

The producer has provided us with this potent new EP, demonstrating that he is still capable of shining even without the cover and influence of Mr JazziQ and his Black is Brown recordings.

When it comes to explosive Amapiano bass music, F3 Dipapa is now the name that everyone in the world is immediately thinking of. The producer has been concentrating on his growth and production value ever since he was signed to Black is Brown Records.

Today, we are able to experience the improved depth of his creative variety through the release of this potent new mixtape.

This brand-new project, which consists of six tracks, explores the PSP moods while preserving the creative authenticity of F3 Dipapa through the use of powerful chords and basslines.

The music of F3 Dipapa may be described as continuously developing, and their new album is not an exception to that evolution.

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