Ezra & Artwork Sounds Linkup on “Phola Nhliziyo” featuring Halo Yagami and MaWhoo

Ezra & Artwork Sounds Linkup on “Phola Nhliziyo” featuring Halo Yagami and MaWhoo

Ezra and Artwork Sounds have collaborated on a song called "Phola Nhliziyo," which features Halo Yagami and MaWhoo. This track is a contagious offering that will have everyone excited for the weekend ahead.

In the year 2023, Ezra could be found ceaselessly cruising through the House circuit, offering his producing prowess and knowledge to releases that held the dancefloor and charts in a state of enslavement.

Now, he is bringing his reigns to the year 2024 with the release of this strong single titled "Phola Nhliziyo," which features Artwork Sounds, Halo Yagami, and MaWhoo.

"Phola Nhliziyo" is an offering that showcases Ezra's vocal talents and is unlike anything else you have heard from him in the past. On this album, Ezra incorporates a variety of stylistic aspects that are characteristic of house music, while also incorporating new styles that you might not have guessed would be compatible with classic house musical elements.

Fans who have been following this fantastic producer over the course of the past couple of years shouldn't be surprised to see him venture into interesting new area.

This music is a progressive tune that is energetic, and it features powerful voices that compliment the tempo. The result is a melody that strikes you with emotion as it rises up.

A creation that has a duration of 6 minutes and sixteen seconds, "Phola Nhliziyo" is one that captures your attention from the very beginning and propels you into a whirlwind of excitement.

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